Pondicherry is also known as Puducherry one of the Union Territory of Indian Sub Continent. It is located in the south east coast of India. Tamil Nadu is the nearest state of Pondicherry while the cultures based as Tamil culture. Small territory a population of only 600000 peoples focused this culture such as not only Tamil but also ancient French culture. Tamil is the main language.

There had been a long history in Pondicherry. In third century Roman Trading Company for their trading. Then in 4th century Pallava Kingdom of Kancheepuram ruled in this region of their kingdom. In 10th century Cholas ruled for this region. But then in 13th century Pondyas captured this region. In 14th century Vijayanagar Empire ruled with powerful region until 1638.

Then Sultan of Bijapur ruled this Pondicherry region. But in 1647 French East India Company captured the power and and control this region for many years. The French Governor Francois Martin made commercial development issues even the opposite rulers such as Dutch and British Government. Britishers ruled whole India such days except Pondicherry in Indian sub continent.

But in 1761 British captured Pondicherry from French. During that time French Revolution started. After the French Revolution again Pondicherry captured by French. While later days French only ruled with long journey of ruling. This is the ancient history of Pondicherry or Puducherry. In that region both India and French would have to make necessary changes in thir respective constitutions.

Indian Government accepted cultural and other rights of French would be in that region. So French and India had a friendship in that platform. The climate of Pondicherry is tropical as such as wet and also dry. Uzhavarkarai is one of the Municipality and a taluk in Pondicherry District. Arikamedu, Ariyankuppam, and Villianur are the important places near Pondicherry.

Arikamedu is one of the archeological site in south India. Ancient culture activities found in such place for life circle of humanity of ancient records. Villianur is an important place that Kameeswarar Temple situated and as for cultural events. Pondicherry is connected to Chennai with East Coast Road. This road connect to Bay of Bengal on the way of Kanchipuram.

Pondicherry Airport located at Lawspet while rail road connected from Pondicherry to other famous cities such as Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai and Calcutta. One of the very important place Aurobindo Ashram situated in Pondicherry costructed by the famous freedom fighter Aurobindo Ghosh. The spiritual events mostly happened in such place that focused the culture events there.

This Ashram is a spiritual hermitage or a monastery in Indian region. Also famous library Romain RollandLibrary located there that library is one of the oldest library in India opened by the great French scholar, Romain Rolland. Podicherry Museum is an art and history museum. Also the French Research Center conducted by French Institute of Pondicherry.

Tamil poet Bharadhidasan was the one of the famous poet as the native of Pondicherry. His real name Kangasabai Subbu. He was deeply influenced by the famous Tamil Poet Subramanya Bharathi. So became named as Bharathidasan. One of the line in his poem he describred about widows, ‘Korikkaiyatru kidakuthanne veril palutha pazha’. Famous lines.

Pondicherry University and also Puducherry Trchnological University are the Educational Institutes of Pondicherry. M. Night Shyamalan – American Film Director born in Mohe, Pondicherry. Abhishiktananda – French Monk and also Andre Beteille an Indian Socialogist are the important persons that are native to Pondicherry. Salute to Pondicherry.

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